Saturday, January 30, 2010

Iconic 80's

...The singer's androgynous look — complete with a porcupine-style hairdo — made her one of the most colorful personalities to grace the European pop scene, while her moniker, Desireless, was reportedly inspired by her voyage to India and her subsequent interest in its philosophy of acceptance and inner serenity. She released her first album, François in 1990, with the opening track "Qui Sommes-Nous?" becoming her third and last hit (the second one was "John" in 1988). Then she decided to take a break and gave birth to a daughter, Lili. Desireless's second album, I Love You, came out in 1994. This time, she co-wrote all of the compositions, which rendered the album more quiet and personal. Though the release was generally well-received, the lack of promotion made it short-lived. In 1995, the artist decided to abandon city life and move to a picturesque rural area with her boyfriend and daughter..