Monday, April 30, 2007

Africa ( και γω θέλω )

greetings from Addis
i am in an internet corner and two local women are
chatting behind my back.....
ethiopia is a great experience , i have never seen so
much poverty and pictures come to me that would make
anyone sober up,
the city has people living in streets next to palaces
but most people are very proud and brave, I look at
their eyes and see how firm look they have...
the experience in the hospital was amazing, patients
overflowing, no facilities ,no modern drugs or
facilities but everyone is so polite ,
i made rounds with the residents and then had cake and
coke, people are smiling,they seem so resilient,
seems patients are so resilient,
many cases are aids related but no screening of any
disease takes place
the rest of the group is ok, the opthalmologists are
nice women but tomorrow they go to a small town to
perform cataract surgery old way, everything works
like 30 years ago,
by the way Ethiopia is celebrating the millenium
september 1st so iam 7 years younger here hahahahha,
I love the local food and the colours of scarfs,rugs,
all old but seems women here have a taste for colour,
really tall and nice women, no obesity in miles...only
some greek immigrants
big big hug


Alex A. said...

Δε ζηλεύω το ταξίδι, ζηλεύω την εκούσια επαναφορά στην ουσία: να κάνεις καλά ανθρώπους όχι στα νοσοκομεία πολυτελείας (όπου τους περιμένουν γιατροί χιλιάδες) αλλά εκεί όπου το έχουν ανάγκη. Back to basics - κι αυτό το ξεβόλεμα θέλει κουράγιο και αποθέματα ψυχής, που προφανώς διαθέτει πολλά ο άνθρωπος που γράφει...

Desposini Savio said...

ζωηρά μάτια
έξυπνο μυαλό
όμορφη καρδιά

αυτό είδα!!!

celsius33 said...

γιαυτό είναι το amore μου για όλα αυτά που λέτε παιδιά !

αμβρόσιος said...